Adidas’ Advertisement The Olympic Pacesetters: The Critical Analysis Of The Message

Every four years, the Olympics is the biggest event in the world. Adidas’ “the Olympic Pacesetters”, an advertisement, shows the importance of their participation in the games. Adidas claims that athletes participating in running games are likely to wear Adidas because it is the best. This ad was shown online during the Olympics in order to make consumers aware that if top athletes are wearing Adidas, then so should they. This ad uses colors and flags of different countries to show the diversity and audience that Adidas reaches on a daily basis.

This ad has a very simple layout, but it is backed by a strong message. The ad is simple. The main three resources of the advertisement are shoes, flags and persuasive words. Ads with simple designs are easier to understand by consumers. The shoes and flags are a bright color against a plain background. The tone used in this advertisement is persuasive, as it aims to inform and convince customers.

This advertisement by Adidas is unique amongst other advertisements. The use colors attracts the eyes, persuading them that the shoe is worn by everyone. The company has used flags from various nations to emphasize the significance of this occasion and show their broad base. Adidas wants their consumers to believe they are able to reach anyone and everyone, including the world’s best athletes. The article uses wording to convince the audience that the best athletes in the Olympics wear Adidas shoes.

Understanding the intent of this article requires that you understand how it is written. The company uses a very precise diction to ensure that the message is delivered to its viewers and consumers. Adidas wants the article to make viewers believe that Adidas is #1. This would be evident if they looked at games more closely. The connotation suggests that they’re world-wide, while the denotation reveals that they want to make their products accessible to all.

The Olympic background in this article is a great way to show the size of the company. It’s on the largest sporting stage in the world. Adidas is an apparel company that specializes in sporting goods. By showing their customers that they’re wanted at the top level, it sparks interest.

This advertisement is a call to reason. Adidas shows that it is a big dog in the world of sportswear. Adidas is the only brand capitalizing on this event to show their strength and how they are supreme. Adidas does not hesitate to capitalize on events to make money-makers aware of their work. It may also appeal to a consumer’s personality. The product will make them feel like they’re stars.

Adidas doesn’t use falsehoods by letting the consumer check it out for themselves. Adidas claims that if viewers look at Olympic athletes and the type of shoes they wear, they can see why Adidas is the best brand. Customers will be more likely to believe what the advertisement says because Adidas is confident with the way that they present the information.

This article contains some facts about Adidas. Many track and Field athletes wear Adidas shoes. Adidas is not misleading in the ad. Instead, it allows viewers to verify for themselves whether or not what they say is true.

Adidas has come up with a great idea in this ad. The company shows the viewer one of its many aspects and embodies them. The colors, tone and words of the article captivate viewers, making them want to read more. People will invest in well-known products. Adidas wants to show the success of its company, and that viewers can look like Olympic athletes when they wear Adidas.


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