Advertisement For Blood Donation By Red Cross

According to more than 41,000 blood donations are needed every day. In 1914, the Red Cross began its blood donation program. The demand for blood to keep the population healthy is high today. In 2001, 14 million blood transfusions were recorded. There were still many deaths because of the lack of blood. Advertisement in Australia depicted a blood-filled moneybox and the slogan “Money does not matter. You can save up to three people’s lives without spending one cent.” It was meant to raise awareness of the need for more donors. This advertisement has a high rate of reader interest because it is well written, personal, and takes the reader into account when published.

This visual advertisement appeared in Australia. The advertisement was turned into posters that were displayed at Australian Universities. This is a picture of a transparent blood-filled box. The back of the container has a sign attached. Sign is white and plain black. Sign only has one color: blue. The sign is also very prominently titled “Money Isn’t Everything”. The sign says, “Save three lives for free”. Visit or call 13 14 95. It takes someone special, written in a smaller font, to donate blood. The colors of red and black are the main focus. The blurred background makes it easier to focus on the box. This image is an advocacy for public affairs because it’s trying to convince the viewer to support this foundation. Like many other public affairs advocacy arguments, this image encourages readers to act while educating them on a new perspective. This image is characterized by bright colors and bold text, as well as a shocking image, and blurred background. This is one of the best examples because it tries to guilt the viewer into action by begging them to give blood.

Dave King created this image. It was created by the Australian Red Cross in order to encourage more people into donating blood. This was mostly published for college-age students. They chose these kids as they were motivated and wanted to give but didn’t have much money. The ad was originally shown to students in Australian universities during the ‘O’ Week. Dave King is the subject of this advertisement. He is a regular blood donor, so he has a connection to the topic. Dave is focused on the free and rewarding aspect of donating blood. Dave focused on this because many people believe that giving money to others is the best way to help. But, this method can be done for free. Signs like this are also rewarding for the people who read them, because they learn that they could save up three lives simply by donating some blood. Dave wants to inspire and convince readers to donate their blood. It is his goal to make people aware of how simple, easy, efficient and rewarding it is. This image has a strong emotional impact, which makes the reader feel guilty about not participating in the donation.

The reader should be aware of the Red Cross Association in order to grasp the main points. The Red Cross is a major part of the story. This topic is of great importance to everyone. This advertisement presents new information and perspectives. It gives the impression that it is possible to help people without spending any money. It conveys the message that you could save three lives by making a donation. This advertisement will only have an impact on readers who believe that helping others is a good thing. Also, they must be able and willing to donate their blood. The reader should trust the Red Cross Association’s statistics. They don’t know what happens to their blood after they donate it, but trust that the Red Cross will get it to the right place. This image is aimed at people who know about the Red Cross and who want to help those in need. It also appeals to people who trust Red Cross staff to safely remove their blood.

This advertisement has a lot of different ways that it can convince a reader to donate their blood. The world is in need of blood, but there isn’t enough to save everyone. This advertisement is a good way to make the reader feel bad and convince them to donate blood. He also targeted young adults as he knew that they were less wealthy and would benefit from the message. The advertisement is also aimed at readers who have knowledge of the Red Cross and are inclined to believe in helping others. This advertisement does well to encourage more blood donations.


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