Report On Evaluating Web Design Of Two Sites

In 2018, I was an adventurous and special year. I had become an adult, completed my high school education and entered university. Even though the events I experienced were very interesting, moving away from my family to a different town was a big challenge. It is not just about sleeping, eating, and doing things alone. You can also do other things, like making a home party or cooking weird foods. As an example, I can furnish my room as if it were a scene from a Hollywood movie. So, I used Google to search for elegant furnitures at affordable prices. After carefully considering the criteria to be used to evaluate each website, I found two websites: Christopher guy and website A (Christopherguy. After a bit of research, I discovered two websites: Christopherguy, website A (Christopherguy. After some research, I found 2 websites: Christopher guy website A (Christopherguy. com). According to me, the Christopherguy site A has better graphics and layout. It also contains more information. After considering all the criteria, I selected 2 interesting sites.

First impressions are important when it comes to buying furniture. Layout is the second criterion that I chose because it is important to have a website with a good layout and functionality. In addition, usefulness and information are important, because if the product information provided isn’t as good as we require, it will be a waste of time. This is why I chose website A because of its visual appeal, information and layout.

The majority of consumers are looking for a visually pleasing website. Christhopherguy’s website is more appealing than Kartell because it has a visually pleasing site. Website A, in fact, was so minimalistic and used only 3 colours: black, turquoise, and white. Furnitures of every kind were there, such as a sofa, carpet, table, mirror and many more. They all look like contemporary or futuristic art because of the colors and shapes. The furniture on Website B was also amazing, but some looked strange because of their different colors. Christopherguy was more organized, symmetrical, and well-designed than Kartell. A symmetrical object or design is one that has two halves of the exact same size and shape. Humans are drawn to symmetrical shapes, so website A was more attractive than B.

Christopherguy provided better information than Kartell. I think that websites should have as much information as possible based on their differences.


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